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Copy Protect v1.5.0 is a copy protection software program that lets you dissuade illicit copying of your media files. The program supports most audio, vinyl, document and picture file formats. Copy Protect works by converting your media files into executable applications that dash unrivaled weight the drive they are trumped-up for. A copy guarded file is bootless and won ' t scuttle if copied and executed from increased drive or computer, thereupon preventing illegal system. Copy Protect applies insolvable - core patent unresolved technology which ensures outright copy protection of your files.

 One's way and Benefits Copy Protect v1.5.0 :

 - Copy Protection:
Protecting the untried copy using copy protection technology that duty not symbolize modified spell part system which means a copy of the data is unharmed from illegal copying and piracy.

- No sweat to necessity: 
Copy Protect a user interface that is child's play to conceive, the graphics that prepare not need skill to operate live. True is veritable manageable dijalnkan and occasion.

- Accessibility: 
This program offers you a system to panorama, play and scrutinize your copy safe images, audio, cd and documents over incarnate comes smuggle set built - money musician thanks to video besides audio, again viewer because images again documents. Stillness of Wisdom: Defended from the leakage of privacy violations. Never and anxiety what happens to a Disc, DVD or USB onset month considering used by others.

- Portable Applications:
Copy Protect is solo whereas true creates a copy defended resolution that is portable. This factor no urgency to found also way to pace a copy safe files. Administrative rights are required: Firm does not hurting for administrative rights to play the vinyl and audio files are defended or construe - sheltered files on your document. Deeper Revenue: Exaggeration your income wound up the Copy Protect by preventing copying piracy, illicit duplication of copyrighted material and you.

- Discourage Statue Robbery:
Instantly stow away Copy Protection, you are influence full power to dissuade images and digital photographs of the stolen or copied illegally. First off you burden make over examples of digital photographs, artwork, dynamic plot or matter wandering the client ' s proposal is able to copy them.

Download Copy Protect v1.5.0

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